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Is prevention better then cure when it comes to employee health and fitness?

Promoting preventive fitness measures within a workforce is akin to investing in the company's most valuable asset – its employees. Encouraging regular exercise, balanced nutrition, and stress management doesn't just alleviate health concerns but significantly reduces absenteeism due to illness. Healthy employees are not only more productive but also exhibit higher levels of engagement and satisfaction.

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Offering your employees an active and healthy festive season

As the festive season approaches, it's a time for joy, reflection, and, importantly, taking care of your employees well-being. At the Fit and Wellness Hub we're excited to offer your team a special Christmas package that promotes physical health and mental well-being over the holiday period.

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How much do employee sick days really cost?

Sick leave is a direct cost to a company, that's a fact. Most studies, including from the Australian Government, estimate the average cost at $350 per day, or $3,608 per year, depending on the individual job and industry. But that only looks at half the picture, the direct wage costs. Let’s take a quick run through the real costs to your company...

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Presenteeism? Hmph. Is that really something to worry about?

Presenteeism is a workplace phenomenon where employees come to work despite being unwell, either physically or mentally, and therefore are not functioning at their full capacity. In other words, they are present at their workplace but are not fully productive due to their health issues or personal problems...

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One quick and easy way to improve your policy on employee mental health...

There is no doubt improving physical health can have a significant positive impact on mental health – the two are closely connected. It's important to note that the relationship between physical and mental health is complex, and while improving physical health can have a positive impact on mental well-being, it's certainly not a sole solution for treating mental health conditions...

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It costs an average of $23,860 and 40 days to hire an employee. Here’s one way to keep them…

In a nutshell, promoting physical health and fitness, and providing the tools for a healthier lifestyle for their employees, help companies become an ‘Employer of Choice’, where people want to work.

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