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We think it's time that everyone understood the relationship between a healthy business and a healthy workforce.

Andrew Dimitri, CEO

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Bringing wellness to your workforce with an affordable new online fitness platform.

the fit and wellness hub:

  • healthier people are more effective and efficient. The evidence is here.
  • Real Trainers - diversity to match your workforce
  • Inclusive for ALL employee fitness levels and ages
  • AI-based challenges - fun and engaging for employees
  • Thousands of sessions, incredible variety
  • Plug & Play - no management required
  • De-identified data, work together and set goals

Employee well-being can lead the way to boost business success.

It makes a difference to 88% of employees

88% of employees claim access to wellness programs weigh heavily in their decision to join and remain at a company. (VirginPulse and Workforce)

4.1 less sick days a year

Employees who get at least 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity per week miss an average of 4.1 fewer days of work per year (John Hopkins)

56% think their employer isn’t doing enough for health

56% of professionals think their employer does not do enough to support health and wellbeing (Robert Walters)

$5.81 savings per $1 invested

For every $1 invested in employee health and wellbeing companies save $5.81. (HAPIA).

A meaningful employee benefit.

What's the point of perks if they don't get used by staff? We've built our Hub for usability.

Here's FIVE ways we make it easy for your staff:

Use it anywhere

Employees have access 24/7 from any internet connected device, from anywhere. They can do stretches during the work day, a strength session at home, or even some yoga on holiday.

It’s for wherever you are, whatever you have

There's no barriers. We have sessions that can be done at the desk, workouts for before or after work, with or without equipment. We guarantee plenty of options so everyone is included.

A boredom free hub

Every exercise genre is represented, including some very niche areas. If your employees want to belly-dance, do HIIT workouts, strengthen their feet or do some boxing... there’s thousands of sessions to choose from and stay on target.

Find their favourites

There’s hundreds of personal trainers, coaches and elite athletes from around the world. Your employees can find who they love working out with and save the workouts for next time. With the diversity to match your workforce, they'll find their trainer match!

Team goals

Team goals can be more motivating and encourage more movement, and our AI-based challenges are both fun and engaging. Set goals as a company and everyone shares the endorphins and  benefits of a healthy workforce - and therefore a healthy business!

So, how does it work?

Every employee gets their own login to the website, where they can access thousands of sessions ranging from yoga and meditation, to HIIT workouts and strength sessions.

Every employer receives de-identified data. Set targets for your teams, encourage participation through AI gamification or simply set company well-being metrics.

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level up your workplace, start now.

The Fit and Wellness Hub is an online workout and wellness platform with thousands of sessions at your employees’ fingertips.

Better for them, better for you.