How the Fit and Wellness Hub works

Powerful benefits come easy

We have the technology know-how to customize your employees access to The Fit and Wellness Hub, from providing direct user access with virtually no work from you, to a full 'white-label' platform under your custom branding.  

As the employer, you receive custom de-identified data as required, so you can ensure that this benefit is being used by your team. This data will also allow you to set team challenges - always a great motivator and a fun team culture activity.

Here's how it works:

Step 1

Contact us to get a quote on the right employee package.

Corporate Packages

Prices start at as little as a few dollars per employee per month.

Get in touch so we can tailor-make the right package for you.

Customised for you

Whether you’re a small business or an organisation of thousands - we can put together an affordable solution, with a custom structure to suit your needs.

Get in touch

Send us an email, or fill out the form to let us know your requirements. We can answer any questions you have, and set you up quickly.

Step 2

Send the login portal to your employees

Set up is incredibly simple.

We can customise anything and everything. Either with your branding and under your banner, or give you a URL to provide direct access for your workforce.

Either way, your employees  and can start using the platform immediately, and your company can start enjoying the benefits!

Step 3

Encourage your employees to keep active - help them and work towards building your bottom line!

The more your employees use it, the more they’ll benefit, and we know that this then benefits business - in staff morale, and in dollar value.

We can customize what you want to offer your employees, at all levels. Set your own company goals, or let us handle all communication. Use AI-based challenges to engage your workforce, Livestream sessions can be scheduled regularly, or just give them access to the entire platform to use at their leisure.

Reporting can be customized for any KPI's you want to see, and you have full access to real-time data on your dashboard.

level up your workplace, start now.

The Fit and Wellness Hub is an online workout and wellness platform with thousands of sessions at your employees’ fingertips.

Better for them, better for you.